A Letter To Myself

May 01, 2019

Hello me, how’s life?

How is your feeling today? Feels good? No? I know it’s cringe.

But, what I want to say is, I’m proud of you. I know it’s arrogant to say that, but I feel like you try so hard to know about yourself more.

I know it’s hard for you to stand up with your own rule, cause our society try to dictate you to follow them. They think what’s good for them it’s good for you too, they forget that all of the value in this world couldn’t be fit in for 2% population of minority.

I know you feel insecure cause people tell you that you’re weird, you have your own world, rude, and arrogant.  Are you wrong cause you’re introvert? You cry for a while. Society don’t want human like you.

But, thank you again. You survive, even though you cry, you don’t want to go deeper, and just for 2 hours, you build again your confidence, this is you no matter what.

Accept you as “who you are” is hard, you try for a long long time to find the perfect formula and still searching. I know, it’s not the best formula that you have, but I believe you know who you are more than anyone. Cause you learn from the best guru in this world, the life experience.

I am curious, what happen with us after this. Maybe you will find your partner for life or travelling to your favourite places, who knows? Just find it, I wanna know where’s the ending of this journey.

But, what can I say now is good job Pit, you’re doing the best for your life. See you next year.

Sincerely yourself

You can watch the audiovisual version on my IGTV @pipit1992

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